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The Clean Plates Cookbook Giveaway!

Monday, March 25, 2013 at 02:03 PM - Posted by Megan - (4) comments

We can all use a little spring cleaning in the kitchen. And no, I’m not talking about organizing your pantry, but incorporating clean eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional Consultant and Clean Plates founder, Jared Koch, makes it easy with his newly released, The Clean Plates Cookbook, which continues his mission to educate people on how it can drastically pay off to eat cleanly. “Clean eating, as I define it, means eating high-quality real food as often as possible, based on what is right for your body and what stimulates your taste buds.” Jared shares. “In other words: healthy, sustainable, and delicious.”

clean plates cookbook featured chefs
This cookbook is particularly near and dear to my heart because I was honored to contribute to it and work with celebrated participating chefs including Jamie Oliver, Marc Forgione, Michael Anthony, Bill Telepan, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, Sarma Melngailis, Ed Cotton, Jeremy Bearman, Ann Gentry, and more. It’s a truly incredible resource packed with tons of inspiring information and simple, healthy, delicious recipes—from meat- and seafood-based dishes to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. There’s really something for every body and every palate. Here’s a taste of some the recipes you’ll discover.

Hungry to dive in and get cooking? Find out where to grab yourself a copy here or enter my giveaway below for the chance to win a special signed cookbook!

clean plates cookbook

What does clean eating mean to you? Just comment with your answer below, on Facebook, or tweet me @ThisGirlCanEat. I’ll be picking a winner next week to receive a copy of The Clean Plates Cookbook personally signed by Jared Koch. Wishing you the best of luck & cheers to a clean, mean 2013!

Images courtesy of Clean Plates

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Rouge Tomate Debuts Seasonal Tasting Menu

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 08:07 AM - Posted by Megan - (0) comments

Indulgence has never felt better. My latest Clean Plates feature details a fresh approach to fine dining that has your health at heart. I promise you won’t miss the guilt!

Indulgent five-course meals are easy to come by in New York City. But one that’s nutritious, delicious and under 1,000 calories? Virtually unheard of.

What seems too good to be true is actually the formula behind the seasonal tasting menu that recently debuted at Michelin starred restaurant, Rouge Tomate. Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman presents a multi-course menu that features decadent ingredients (think oysters, caviar, squab, lobster), yet delivers on its low-calorie promise and also supplies 40% of your daily nutritional requirements.

Rouge Tomate follows the philosophy of SPE® (Sanitas Per Escam or Health Through Food), an innovative approach to well-being developed by chefs and nutritionists that combines culinary expertise with the benefits of authentic nutrition. The first of its kind in NYC, the SPE® Tasting Menu will focus on optimal nutritional balance, local and organic sourcing, as well as gastronomic gratification. “We really want our guests to be able to indulge without leaving the restaurant feeling weighed down,” said in-house Culinary Nutritionist Natalia Hancock, R.D. “Diners will feel pleasantly satisfied and energized.”

The market-driven menu showcases a variety of nutrient dense produce at the peak of its season. Each tasting ($89 per guest) begins with a trio of amuse bouche, followed by four savory courses and dessert to finish. Highlights from the summer menu include Hawaiian Walu Ceviche layered with avocado, sugar snap peas, spring radishes and yuzu, Thomas Farms Squab accented with local strawberries, endive and Sicilian pistachios, Langoustine Tortellini with basil, chanterelles and Santa Barbara sea urchin, and Executive Pastry Chef James Distefano’s exquisite dark chocolate Caraïbe Sphere of bing cherries, almond frangipane and dulce de leche.

To enhance the layers of flavor, celebrated Wine Director Pascaline Lepeltier tastefully pairs each course with complementary wines ($45 per guest) produced at sustainable, practicing organic and biodynamic vineyards, or cocktails ($45 per guest) featuring organic and quinoa-based vodkas and naturally infused spirits. For sipping sans alcohol, a unique seasonal beverage pairing ($35 per guest) offers “mocktails” using fresh fruit and vegetable juices that are pressed daily at the in-house juice bar.

By revolutionizing the multi-course dining experience, Rouge Tomate makes it possible to enjoy a substantial, flavorful meal without sacrificing nutrition. And who says you can’t have it all?

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